Codestories Podcast


I’m a Podcast Host wannabe. This is my child. I host it together with Bartek. We talk a lot about development, best practices, current technology trends. We share our tips about being a good developer.


:nut_and_bolt: lubieniebieski/pinsible

It’s my tiny project for Ansible for your Raspberry Pi. I just wanted to make my RPi setup persistent and play a little bit with Ansible. Have fun!

Kudos / Props app

:blue_heart: netguru/props

I’ve started this app back in 2014. The idea behind it is to express saying ‘thank you!’ in a geeky way. It evolved significantly and right now it’s the main “thank-you” platform in Netguru. I’m really proud about how much we use this app!


:money_with_wings: lubieniebieski/bankey

Get given characters from your password / text. It’s my go-to tool when I need to fill some clunky bank app login form and I need to put 1st, 2nd, 13th and 1823921th! character of my password. Very useful.