I’ve just closed the activity rings for 100th consecutive day!

There are two main thoughts in my head which I’d like to share.

I wouldn’t believe myself that this is even possible

Yes, me! I did it and I’m celebrating it here!

Usually when I tried keeping track of my activities, I’d eventually failed due to some random coincidences like a bunch of clouds, pain in the a… ahm, important body part, or just sheer lack of motivation. Every time I failed, I felt awful and frustrated ‘cause I’d put in effort for like, a single day and then have to start all over again. Plus, with all the things I have to get done or simply would like to do like work, playing with the kids, talking to family, and getting the proper amount of exercise- it often seemed impossible.

But here I am, having achieved my goal of consecutive 100 days!

I heard other people did it, yet me? Yes, me indeed! I’m here celebrating it!

It was surprisingly easy

I went for a walk one day, closed the ring, felt good. I did the same the next day. No one complained, no one was angry, no one was disappointed. Job was done.

It was dark outside (thank you Polish winter!), but thanks to multiple flashlights waiting for me in the drawer I was able to walk and conquer the darkness.

It was raining outside, but I had this jacket which was waterproof and I was able to walk and conquer the rain.

It was cold outside, but fancy beanie, gloves and winter jacket made the difference and helped me to conquer the cold.

It was busy at work, but I found a walking pad laying under my desk. It turned to be quite useful and helped me to stay active while working on my computer. Lack of time was no longer the issue.

It was not difficult at all. All I had to do was to apply the right tools and techniques and I was able to conquer the obstacles that I faced.


  • 100 days of activity rings closed
  • one weird exercise during company’s Christmas party (I realized at 23:40 that I still need to close the rings for the day and ended up running up and down the stairs in the building for 15 minutes)
  • weight KPIs not met 😬, but I guess it’s more about the fact that there were many occasions to eat a lot of great food and it would be a sin not to eat a lot of it
  • I wasn’t ill, nor felt bad in any way
  • I don’t feel tired, coffee is more of a habit than a necessity
  • I sleep well
  • it was the first time since a few years that I didn’t feel depressed during the end of the year season
  • I feel good!

What’s next?

Next steps? Who knows? Keeping up a routine is something I plan to continue, and I can’t wait to get back out on my bike and enjoy the sunshine!

Good job Adam! 💪