Here’s a list of some of the blogs I follow1, in no particular order. Behind these blogs are brilliant people with amazing ideas and inspirations. I thoroughly enjoy consuming what they write! There’s a chance, you will find something interesting too!

Name URL Feed
Terry White's Tech Blog RSS
An Antarctica blog. RSS
Liss is More RSS RSS
Basic Apple Guy RSS
Software is Easy, People are Hard RSS
Craig Maloney RSS
Michael Burkhardt's Weblog RSS
because writing is clarifying RSS RSS
Hey, it's Jason! RSS
computers are bad RSS
Evan Travers' Personal Blog RSS
Craig Mod — Writer + Photographer RSS
Colin Devroe RSS
powoli RSS
Remote Synthesis RSS
52Notatki RSS
Alex Molas RSS RSS
Kuba Filipowski RSS RSS
Set Studio RSS
Infinite Diaries RSS
alex ink RSS
marco's weblog {esamecar} RSS RSS
Lewis Dale RSS - The Mad Science of Brett Terpstra RSS
Bobiko ▪ Blog RSS
Marcin's Newsletter RSS
A blog from Cabel Sasser RSS
PhotoGabble RSS
Robb Knight RSS
What is wrong with your dog? RSS
Rands in Repose RSS
Andy Bell RSS

  1. Idea taken from Marco 🙇🏻‍♂️ ↩︎