Welcome to Bullets #2! You can read the previous one here.

New avatar

  • 💙 Thanks to Andy Carolan, I have a new avatar! I’ll be spreading it around the internet in the upcoming days, so you can expect to see it in more places.
  • BTW, right now, many of the people I follow on Mastodon are in the same avatar club as I am! :) (or maybe I’m in their club? 🤔)


  • 🪚 I need to renovate the wooden terrace in front of my house, and after doing that for weeks the last time, I wanted to hire some folks to help me with that. It turns out, it’s not cheap 😅
  • 💡 My brilliant idea is to buy a lot of stuff and do it myself. I’m sure it’s not a good idea, but I’ll try to do it anyway. The first item on the list is a grinder 1.
  • 🍿 I even watched a “professional” video on how to do it (in Polish, but you will get the vibe), and based on that – I’m sure I can do it myself! 😂


  • 🦾 In order to save some time with watering the garden (we have some sprinklers but they are controlled manually), I decided to automate the process a bit.
  • 🛒 In my case, it means putting some money into the ground, buying a few electric valves, a controller, and some cables.
  • ⛲️ But… water is quite expensive, and the current well I have is not that deep, so I figured that we can ~spend~ invest even more money and dig a new well! First, I need to find some people who can tell me whether there is a chance to find water in the place I want to dig it. Keep your fingers crossed!
  • ⛱️ Now I just need some holiday to pull it off.

The rest

  • 📖 I started reading Sooner Safer Happier – it has been on my list for a long time, and the trigger for me was the fact that this was mentioned at least a few times during the last DevOps Enterprise Summit in Amsterdam, which I attended in May.
  • 🎮 SpaceTraders game looks super interesting – you can play it via an API. I haven’t started yet because I’m afraid to spend too much time on it 😅
  • 👹 Same thing with Diablo 4… The last time I played Diablo was around 2012 or 2013, so more than 10 years ago. Reviews are pretty positive… It grows on me, but I’m waiting for the price to drop. On the other hand, when it happens, there should be a new Assassin’s Creed already or the new Cyberpunk 2077 DLC… Should I save my thoughts for the winter maybe?

  1. or wooden grinder, or whatever it’s called in English, in 🇵🇱 it’s a simple “szlifierka,” or “satyniarka” actually" 🤯 ↩︎