⚓️ Originally posted on Linkedin as a haiku-like entry

I’ve always assumed that DevOps are the people who work between servers and developers.

That was until I read a novel titled The Phoenix Project, recommended to me by Bartosz Pranczke.

Suddenly, all the pieces started to fit, and the software development environment looks different to me. I realised that DevOps is not a function, but a culture.

… and that everyone on the team is responsible for a project’s success.

Implementing DevOps around a project is HARD.

So imagine that my current goal is to help the entire organization do that.

I’ve spent a lot of time recently working closer to the projects, analyzing our development processes and talking with people.

For starters, I would like to define and track KPIs that will help us decide whether we’re headed in the right direction.

Once we know the baseline, we can start improving.

The metrics pick will likely not be ideal, but we need them to build self-assurance, improve, and celebrate progress.