Another month has passed and it’s time to summarize it.

  1. We had a little holiday in Kraków with the family. Hard to call it a regeneration but still, it was nice to spend some time together. We had a nice whether, including -10°C during the day. Highlights: Wieliczka, Wawel, Muzeum Iluzji, Pałac Krzysztofory, Wesoła Cafe, AleKlocki.
  2. During the Kraków visit, I had a chance to experience the BMW 3 series for the first time in the 370+HP version and explore the city with my guide D. - thanks a lot for the opportunity! It was great! The most important insight for me was that I don’t really need a full M version of the car, the one I tested is more than enough!
  3. I spent a lot of time digging through BMW configurator, it seems that cars still make an impression on me.
  4. February was not impressive in terms of bike trips, just 3 of them. I hope that my issues with the tires are gone and I won’t have to spend most of the ride pumping them up.
  5. February marks my 4th month in a row when I closed all the activity rings on my Apple Watch!
  6. At work things were good but INTENSIVE, the highlight was a workshop we had in a bigger group in Poznań! First of all we closed some important topic, but there was also a lot of fun and a lot of learning! I also started in a new role – exciting things ahead of us!
  7. I had my first experience as a host with Disruption Talks format, it was fun!
  8. FlexiSpot surprised me when I reached out to them and they agreed to send me a new desk top for free (I had a small issue with the previous one).
  9. Something triggered me to improve my backup game. I decided to leverage the power of my Synology and backup all the photos from all the phones at home to Synology (even though I use the big iCloud package). Just in case. Apart from that, I did some changes to running Docker containers on NAS and I’m using it more and more for things other than just a file storage.
  10. I’m glad that my home is running almost entirely on Apple devices, just a few things left for migration. Not that I don’t like other brands, but it’s easier to have everything in one ecosystem.
  11. Health is good!
  12. I felt urge to learn CSS from scratch, hopefully I will find some time for it.
  13. I wrote 5 posts on my blog! That’s more than in 3 last years combined!


February, thank you! 💙