… but I might be even a bigger fand of the music in Bond movies

Recently, I’ve been spending more time in front of the screen and came across the movie, The Sound Of 007. Its familiar sounds and music transported me into the world of 007 that I know well. The melodies brought some chills and painted vivid images in my mind. The stories, the behind-the-scenes tales of all the auditory impressions in 007 movies, fascinated me. I also liked hearing the artists talk about their work on the songs. It made me really like the movie because I could see 007 series from a different angle!

It occurred to me then - the bond I have with Bond1 movies goes beyond the action and plot. I’m in love with the accompanying tracks, the unique “Bond-songs”. Despite their differences, they harmoniously blend with the narrative every time.

By the way, every aspect of 007 - from the filmmaking process, editing, and music, to the marketing efforts, featured watches, casting decisions, easter eggs, and nods to previous films - serves as a stellar example of a well-maintained brand. The complexity of logistics behind its consistent execution is incredibly impressive!

My favorite Bond songs

Of course, all Bond songs are not crafted equally. We all have our own “TOP BOND SONGS list”. Here’s mine:

  1. Another way to die

    That’s not the best Bond song2, but it accompanies the movie “Quantum of Solace”, the one with Olga Kurylenko. I might be biased because of her 🤷🏻‍♂️.

  2. You only live twice

    The opening sequence is a masterpiece and I love it! Ideal for a car ride somewhere in the mountains.

  3. We have all the time in the world

    The charm of Louis Armstrong’s voice is undeniable. The song is a perfect fit for the movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”. The phrase “We have all the time in the world” is a great reminder to slow down and enjoy the moment. And it’s also a great song for a car ride somewhere in the mountains.

  4. No time to die

    This song is all about the voice of Billie Eilish. Together with the rest of music for “No time to die” (composed by Hans Zimmer3), it’s a great fit for the movie.

  5. Nobody does it better

    Calm, romantic, and a bit melancholic. It’s a song that wakes a lot of emotions in me.

The harmonious fusion of music and movie in Bond Series is sheer brilliance, making each viewing - or rather, listening - experience unique!

  1. See what I did there? ↩︎

  2. And definitely not the best Bond movie, either. Why? https://screenrant.com/james-bond-quantum-solace-movie-problems-bad/ ↩︎

  3. I might be biased again, because I love Hans Zimmer’s music. ↩︎