As 2023 draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on a year that reignited my love for blogging, introduced me to new digital communities, and helped me establish a writing rhythm that feels just right.

Rediscovering Blogging

This year marked my return to blogging after a hiatus. Drawn to its simplicity and adaptability, I embraced the Hugo platform, choosing a theme that brought a personalized elegance to my virtual space.

Impressed by Inspiration

Among the myriad of inspiring content creators, Robb stands out. His page, a beacon of creativity and dedication, has earned my unofficial “Web Award of the Year.” His work is a testament to what passionate webcraft can achieve!

Kudos to all people maintaining their personal sites and blogs, you’re AWESOME! 🙌 The Web is Fantastic, you know?

Finding My Writing Groove

Challenging myself to write more, I’m proud to have published a personal best of 40 posts (including this one!). I wrote 0 posts in 2022 and 0 in 2021, so it’s a huge improvement!

Adding “Bullets” was a game-changer, allowing me to share my thoughts in a more casual format.

The Return of RSS

RSS feeds have made a triumphant return to my daily life, enriching my reading routine with curated content that keeps me connected and informed. For those yet to rediscover its charm, I urge you to give it a go. And if you have a blog, Please, Expose your RSS!

Great Blogging Platform That Works

The trio of Hugo, GitHub, and Netlify has become the cornerstone of my blogging. Together, they provide a reliable and cost-effective solution that keeps my focus on creating content rather than managing a website. All the code is available on GitHub.

One small addition to this trio is a standalone app written in Ruby that helps me to add some dynamic content to my blog. It’s a simple app that fetches the data from various services (like what did I add to my reading lists, what are Mastodon links to my entries, etc.) and allows me to add them to my blog.


Looking back on 2023, I’m filled with gratitude for the renewed passion, lessons, and connections blogging has brought into my life. It’s with eagerness that I look forward to continuing this journey into 2024. To my readers, thank you for being a part of this voyage—may our adventures in the blogosphere continue to flourish! 🙏