Found someone who articulated my thoughts on sharing and social media better than I could.

You probably shouldn’t be worried about an audience at all. Write. Paint. Draw. Create. Put it out into the world and let it go. Maybe it will change the world. Maybe it might change the mind of a single person. Perhaps after all your effort it won’t be noticed at all.

All of that isn’t as important as creating.

Since the beginning of the year, I feel like I’m discovering the Internet once again and I’m enjoying the journey. RSS, Mastodon, open APIs, discovering new people and their work… all of this is very rewarding.

The internet should be about exploring and novelty. When I was younger, I remember the thrill at finding a new author at the library or a book store. For a short time, the internet was like that as well. I am on Mastodon not because I want to “build my brand” or “expand my audience” but because there are so many people in the world that are smart, funny, and creative, and I want to see what they have done

Heh, the more I write here, the more I want to learn CSS 🙈.