Welcome to Bullets #12! You can read the previous one here: bullets/11.

Trip to Tenerife

  • I was luck enough to spend some holiday time in Tenerife, Spain with my family. It was a great time, and I’m happy to report that we all had a wonderful time!

  • In my case, it seems that sand, water, minimal clothing, and lots of ice cream are the key ingredients for a happy family time. With these elements, there is minimal friction and a smooth passage of time without many problems.

  • I love this island (beaches, hiking trails, the overall beauty!). It was my second time here, and this time we were able to bring along some friends and their families. Spending time together made our experience much more enjoyable and diverse! Not to mention, we already have some friends permanently living there (lucky them!).

  • Sadly, my action camera got wet and stopped functioning. Fortunately, this occurred on our final day, and all the data remained unaffected. To resolve the issue, I am currently testing a DJI Care Refresh solution that I purchased alongside the camera. Under this agreement, I will pay 17EUR for a replacement device. I will be sending the damaged camera back to Hungary, and DJI will send me a new unit without any additional inspections or procedures. Fingers crossed for the process to work as good as advertised!

  • Now it’s time to go throught the photos and videos and start editing them.

Backpack and some tech

  • After using my Deuter backpack for 12 years, it has unfortunately been damaged1. It appears that a pencil from my iPad became disconnected, creating a hole and causing the pencil’s tip to go missing. I have already spent 4 EUR to purchase a replacement pencil tip. Now, I am unsure if I should attempt to repair the backpack myself by stitching it or if I should simply buy a new one from the market 🙃 Do you have any recommendations?
  • I’ve seen a lot of Kia EV9 reviews recently. I like the car, but it’s suspicious that all of the reviews are almost 100% positive. What am I missing? Besides the fact that I’m not ready for an electric and expensive car right now. Look at that color! 💙

There is a new X100 in town

  • I totally missed the premiere of the FUJIFILM X100VI. I own the previous model, and I’m a little jealous of the image stabilization in the new one! But other than that, I’m happy that Fuji is going to be able to keep up with demand, and there will be many more X100 owners soon!
  • I’ve bought mine in 2020, needed a simple camera with a lot of customization options that is going to allow me to take picture of my family life plus some photography during cycling trips. Still happy with the choice!

Traveling is great, but

  • I missed the feeling of being at home and having a variety of activities to do aside from hiking and going to the beach. I enjoy having busy days when I am engaged in something significant or at least something that keeps me occupied.
  • When we returned home, I couldn’t help but smile as spring is just around the corner. The vibrant scenery will soon burst forth with lush greenery, birds will serenade us with their joyful songs, and the temperature will rise. The next six months are going to be the best!
  • Speaking of projects, I will structure my days as if I were going to work so I can push forward with more important projects and try to finally generate some income… This week I’m working with ⌨️, the next should also include some 🪵!


  • Playing Jagged Alliance 3 – love it, but I hate how turn-based games steal so many hours of my life!
  • I feel a bit envious of those who have already ridden over 100km this year (great job, Jakub!). Unfortunately, my body isn’t quite ready to handle more than 3 hours on the bike yet. Hopefully, I’ll be able to join the club in a few weeks. For now, I need to focus on training and covering more and more kms.
  • Speaking of cycling, this week I’m going to watch the first event of the season – Strade Bianche 2024. I’m also thinking about going cycling in the same area, so watching the race could be a potential motivation to turn my plans into reality.
  • I can see that Marco is interested in Gridfinity system with his 3d printer. I must say this is a #1 project if I ever get a 3d printer! Waiting for some updates from you Marco!
  • For a music recommendation, I can share something which I’ve been listening to recently, it’s a repeating radio program, but every time it makes me smile! BBC Radio 1 - Radio 1’s Dance Anthems

  1. Around 0.5x0.5cm hole in the bottom part of the backpack, massive stuff! ↩︎