Welcome to Bullets #8! You can read the previous one here: bullets/7.

Productive Blogging in November

  • November tallied seven posts – a leap from October’s zero and September’s one.

  • Writing more signals a positive shift for me.

  • My posts combining tech insights with personal musings embody my ideal blog style.

  • Kudos to @Marco for resuming his What caught my attention… series!

  • This month, I’ve enjoyed following Polish bloggers Paweł Grzybek and Michał Żelazny for their compelling content.

  • RSSes FTW!!! Remember folks, expose your RSS!

BTW, do you have any preference regarding the contents of the RSS feed? I’m thinking about adding the full content of the post to the feed (currently I just use the summary/description), but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. What do you think?

Recent Blog Enhancements

  • Fresh updates, including the blog’s footer!
  • Discover every post with the new Archives page.
  • “Now” page fans1, find a direct link in the footer /now
  • I’ve fixed /linklog page, which was broken due to the fact that I’ve changed the way I’m using tags (migration from Pocket to Readwise Reader), plus IFTTT decreased the number of free applets, so I had to change the way I’m using it2
  • If you’re a Google crawler, you can find the right stuff in sitemap.xml you should be able to spend your budget better now! No need to thank me!

I feel free

  • Post-Bullets #7, I’ve embraced the freedom of unemployment.
  • Diving into various ventures keeps each day diverse and fulfilling.
  • While it has its challenges like disrupted routines, focusing on hobbies and side projects doesn’t feel like a waste of time!
  • I’m doing a lot of things, each day is different, I learn new things (outside of IT, mostly).

Home automation

  • Shelly devices integrated with Homebridge running on my Synology proved to be an excellent choice.
  • I was reluctant to buy cover/roller/shutter controller, but when I bought and tested one, I didn’t hesitate to buy more for all the windows in the house!
  • A cautionary tale – my first ever electric shock from 230V AC taught me a painful but valuable lesson. I’ve turned off the fuse, but it was not the right one. I’m more careful now3!

Music and reading

  • Inspired by kottke.org blog, for the last few days, the only thing I’m listening to is one of the Ministry of Sound compilations, e.g The Annual 2021 - Mixed by Pete Tong (DJ Mix) or the one mentioned by kottke. Perfecto!
  • During polishing, sanding and other #woodworking activities I’m listening to the audiobook

  1. Hello Michał from Poczwardowski Notes! 👋 ↩︎

  2. Disclaimer: I’m not using it anymore:D ↩︎

  3. Bought 3 more voltage testers and I’m using them all the time now! ↩︎