Welcome to Bullets #9! You can read the previous one here: bullets/8.

The Double-Edged Sword of Focus

  • Sometimes I wonder if my relentless focus is a strength or a stubborn quirk. Once I’ve zeroed in on a task, I’m locked in –— nothing else exists until I’ve seen it through to the end.
  • This intense concentration can be a double-edged sword. On one side, it’s a source of frustration; it grinds against my ability to switch tasks smoothly. I find myself wrestling with the urge to pause and catch my breath.
  • Flip the coin, and it’s my superpower. The very same drive ensures I see projects to completion, often with results I’m proud of. It’s the reason I’ve been quiet on Mastodon and here these past weeks.
  • While I’m still navigating unemployment, my days have been fully consumed by the Advent of Code, delving into woodworking, and immersing myself in Christmas preparations. It’s not silence, but a vibrant dedication humming away from public view.

Advent of Code

  • Eleven days of coding yielded 21 stars, posted for all on GitHub.
  • I enjoyed it a lot and plan to finish the rest of the puzzles in the next few weeks1.
  • It was both enlightening and obsessive, leading me to temper my involvement for the sake of harmony at home.
  • ⚠️ Realizing that others, like Robb, Lewis, and Zoe, also stepped back at the same time was an eye-opener. Zoe’s post Advent of Code is not healthy for me echoed my sentiments exactly, something I didn’t realise until I read it.
    • I feel grateful for this post and I’m glad not only that I’m not alone in this, but also that I’m not the only one who decided to step back. 🙏


  • Furniture for my bedroom is 92% done!
  • I’m so happy with the results, and the things I’ve learned along the way.
    It's dirty, work in progres, tools all around the place, but at least you have an idea what I was working on.
  • It’s MDF, so don’t expect fancy stuff in here, I’m not that good yet :D
  • It was fun project, because I’ve never done anything like this before and went through all the steps from designing, ordering materials, buying hinges, screws, cutting, drilling and assembling.
  • There will be a mirror on the left side of the TV plus some LED lights soon.
  • I’ve also made a few cutting boards for my family and I’m also pretty happy with the results! Aren’t they pretty?
    My first adventure with walnut!


  • A trip to Śnieżka (1602 m) and a stay at the mountain shelter Samotnia were nearly perfect—only a fireplace was missed. The company, weather, and vistas painted the ideal pre-Christmas escape. The photographs here barely do justice to the experience.


  • Kudos to Bobiko for launching a new version of Bobiko.Blog!
  • The GTA VI teaser has me eagerly awaiting its release!
  • I’m still reading “The wheel of time” and I’m surprised by the number of threads that are still open!
  • This story about time made me smile Did the SS Warrimoo Exist in Two Centuries at Once? | Snopes.com2
  • And although unemployment brings its challenges, it has opened a season of creativity and anticipation.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! 🎄

PS: Should I write 2023 summary post? 🤔 I expect nothing less than 💙🚴‍♂️🪵🫡🙌💸📉 :D

  1. yeah… ↩︎

  2. not sure that’s where I’ve read it, but it’s the same story ↩︎