So… Last night I had this idea of changing one more thing in my setup and that was to move my site from Wordpress to Hugo. For a few last days I had been thinking about it and I was really curious how it would work out. I had a few things in mind that I wanted to achieve with this change:

  • migrate away from my hosting provider and reduce costs
  • have a static site that I can host anywhere (Github Pages included)
  • have a site that is easy to maintain and update
  • have a way to write posts in Markdown
  • have a feeling of doing something new and exciting
  • have a site that is fast and lightweight
  • being able to write posts in my favorite editor (currently VS Code, as my Vim muscle memory faded away a bit)
  • do something “hackish” and fun

Here we are! I’m happy with the result! There are a few things that I’d like to introduce, like light/dark theme switcher or a better way of handling images, but I’ll get to that later.