🔗 Originally posted on Linkedin as a haiku-like entry

Improving daily work is even more important than doing daily work.

The above is another quote from The Phoenix Project book I’ve mentioned in my last post.

When I heard about “kaizen” for the first time, I didn’t expect that I would experience its power so much in my professional career.

When Netguru was a small company, we made dozens of small improvements every day. It helped us to improve quality, embrace the growth, and be ready for all the challenges in front of us in the constantly changing environment.

I see no other option for hyper-growing companies than embracing Continuous Improvement principles as a part of their core values.

I feel that the one area which we haven’t improved in a kaizen way is… the kaizen way of doing things in the company.

We’re not small anymore, and finding the time for improvement is not granted. We have to make room for that.

We’re on our way to address this: we’ve introduced investment time for our team. We’re thinking about adding “kaizen blitz” to our flow, so people can more often focus on a given area, gather like-minded people, and introduce various improvements.