The last few hours of the month have inspired me to write this post.

Today was Easter Sunday

In Poland, we celebrate Easter.🐣 In many homes, including mine, families gather for a lavish breakfast. There is usually an abundance of food that lasts for hours, and it wouldn’t be surprising if you skipped lunch. However, on this day, usually, no one skips any meals because there are always more delicious dishes and cakes to enjoy. Otherwise, you risk being bombarded with questions from your grandma, mother, or aunt.

I didn’t want to feel sluggish after breakfast, so I went for a quick run with my 2 sons - they were riding their bikes and I tried to keep up the pace.

After 2 kilometers on the forest path, I met a colleague that I went to school with (👋 Szymon! we grew up together for about 10 years). We had a great chat, including discussing the motivation for running after taking a break or encountering unexpected obstacles. We concluded that:

there’s no point in overthinking getting back on track, you shouldn’t think, just do it.

So simple, and that was also the reason why I put on my running shoes today.

here I’m skipping the part when it turned out that during our conversation with Szymon, my son got a flat tire and we had to go back home on foot, skipping the run and lifting 10kg on my back instead… 🤦‍♂️

Evening reflections

Later in the evening during an RSS session, I found out that the newest combination of Omnivore and NetNewsWire gave me peace of mind, and instead of thinking, I’m actually benefiting from the system I created and the stuff I read has an impact on my brain.

Simplifying things helped me start doing more complex things within my brain.

One of the items in my backlog was Paweł’s1 Top picks — March 2024 |, where I found a link to an old Seth’ article: Talker’s block.

My favorite part:

“Just write poorly. Continue to write poorly, in public, until you can write better.”

I knew I had to try. Do not overcomplicate things, just do it. It kind of works! It connected well with the conversation I had earlier today.

It’s good to have friends not just feeds

And lastly, Michał shared a wonderful tip regarding the time change we do every year (today was the day). He learned2 that the British found a great way to remember how to do the time change correctly every year:

“Spring forward, fall back.”

I know your watches, phones, and computers have already made the switch, but if you think of all the analog clocks, microwaves, ovens, etc., you might find this sentence useful next time!

So, how do I feel at the end of March?

I feel great! I moved forward a lot with my projects and I know which direction I want to go. I find the small bits in life that make me happy and I try to use them to my advantage. I know that I can do a lot of good things to other people when I’m on the right track. 🙌

But this time change is killing me… and I feel like going to bed now!

March, thank you! 💙

  1. These summaries are a great source of inspiration, Paweł. Keep them coming! ↩︎

  2. One day Michał mentioned that he’s a learner (according to Gallup’s test), so that might be the reason. ↩︎