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Enjoying the Process

During my holiday, I found fulfillment in various activities like coding, woodworking, gardening, and housework. What I learned is that the most rewarding moments are when I fully immerse myself in the task, enjoying the process without fixating on the end result.
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DevOps != servers

I’ve always assumed that DevOps are the people who work between servers and developers. Well… that’s not true!
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Assume positive intent

Believe it or not, but most of the people don’t want to make other people’s lives worse and they don’t plan to ruin your day! At least, I think so:)
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Skip the “grumpy” part.

We all like to complain from time to time, that’s in our nature, especially in my Polish nation. This post is not about judging who we are, but it’s about the way we should reduce this step from our conversation with others.
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My principles for 2018: Slow down. Enjoy, don’t rush.

I’ve started 2018 by finishing a book “Principles” by Ray Dalio. I’m impressed about how you can use rules to create your own way of living. I’ve decided that this year I’m going to implement MY principles and stick to them. I would also like to share them with other people so they can see them and know what they can expect from me. Sharing, as a bonus, comes with an external motivation 🙂
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Hello Again!

What can I say?

👋 🚀 👍

Another year, another “Hello world” entry! 😂

It’s all about the content, so there’s no need for fancy styling right now - please forgive me! 🙏